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Friedrichsdorf Germany


  FRIEDRICHSDORF was Chesham's first 'twn', the  link   being set  up in 1980. It is a town similar in size to          Chesham, located in the Taunus Hills about 22 miles north-west   of Frankfurt and within easy reach of  one of the country's   principal wine-growing areas.

It was founded in 1687 to offer shelter to Huguenots who left France when Louis XIV suspended the Edict of Nantes. In 1972 the town united with three villages - Koppern, Seulberg and Burgholzhausen - to create one large town with a population then of about 13,000. This has now risen to around 25,000.

Religious tolerance led to the founding of the town and has since played a major part in the building of a large modern Mormon temple and associated buildings there. Perhaps its greatest claim to fame, though, is that it was the home of Philipp Reis, claimed to be the inventor of the telephone. Reis was a teacher at the town's Garnier Institute and, in 1852, started experiments on the transmission of the human voice and, nine years later, presented his telephone to members of the Physics Society of Frankfurt. He died in 1874 and his home now houses a museum of his work.

Friedrichsdorf is a bustling town and visitors can stroll along Cheshamerstrasse or call home from a very English red telephone kiosk given to the community by Chesham Town Twinning Association.

Houilles Archena Twinning Home